GiGO ONLINE CRANE is an online crane game service.

User Guide

Here's how to play and enjoy GiGO ONLINE CRANE!

Frequently Asked Questions

CategoryContent of Question
GameI want assistance to win a prize.
GameI didn’t earn my prize even though it fell.
GameI don't know how to choose the type of prize that I want.
GameI can't use the play ticket.
AccountI can no longer log in with a linked account
AccountI can’t verify my phone number via text message.
AccountWhy do I need to verify my identity using my phone number?
AccountAbout canceling accounts
AccountRegarding reregistration after canceling your account.
ChargeDo SPs have an expiration date?
ChargeI charged my SPs but the charges are not appearing.
ChargeHow to charge SPs
ChargeCan I charge using Google Play gift cards?
ShippingHow long is the prize storage period?
ShippingMy prize from a different account hasn’t been shipped.
ShippingWhat shipping company will you use?
ShippingHow much are the redelivery fees?
ShippingCan I select a delivery date/time?
ShippingI submitted a delivery request but my prize hasn’t arrived yet.
ShippingHow to check if you want to know the delivery status of a gift that has already been shipped
ShippingHow much are the shipping fees?
ShippingAbout Delivery Inquiries
ShippingNotes;About other shipping
PrizeWhat is an outlet prizes?
PrizeI wanted to have my prize exchanged since it is damaged.
PrizeThe prize that has been processed has arrived.(Cellophane tape, etc.)
Other I can't update without displaying the update button on the Google Play store.
OtherI made an inquiry but still haven’t received a reply.
OtherI didn’t receive a login bonus.
OtherCan I contact the service via phone?
Other一般社団法人日本オンラインクレーンゲーム事業者協会 (JOCA)について
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