How to play of online claw machine!

If you are a beginner, please try playing with the Practice Games you can play for free.

You can easily narrow down the prize list using the Practice Game tab!
First, please check the operation status of the Practice Games.♪

If you are a beginner, play the Practice Games for free!

1. Select a prize on the prize list

Choose a prize you want to get!
Choose from the free prize list!

2. How to play

Control the UFO catcher remotely!

Before you play, check the target prize and the gameplay fee.

There are two types of items required for game play: "SP" and "Play Ticket". Tap here for a description of each item.

You can switch between the front and side screens at any time by pressing the camera switch button.

*Prizes shown in this image are not necessarily available in the game.


PLAY START will appear when you can begin playing!
Press the PLAY START button to start the countdown!


Move the arm by pressing the sideways button!
The arm moves only while you press the button!
The arm will stop when you release the button!


When the camera switches, press the backwards button to move the arm!
Aim carefully!


If your prize falls into the hole, you win the prize!
You will get a free prize!
You can check the prizes you have won from My Page > Prize History.
You can have your prize delivered to your home if you submit a delivery request!

Check here for information about deliveries.


Keep trying to win a prize!

If you cannot win, select the Continue button to continue playing!
Aim for the prize!