Resume Function

The resume function is a relief measure that comes into action when your gameplay is forcibly shut down due to the app or browser crashing.
Your place will be kept for a limited duration of time even if gameplay on your app/device is forcibly shut down due to long play sessions, malfunctions, communication failures, or even if you get disconnected from the booth.

The duration of the Resume time is 150 seconds.

Please note that it cannot be used on Practice Games.

Enjoy stable gameplay sessions using the resume function!

My app/browser shut down during gameplay!
In such cases:

*Prizes shown in this image are not necessarily available in the game.


If you still have time left in your gameplay session, you’re in luck!


Restart the app browser and enter the booth where you were playing! If you still have Continue time left, the resume function is activated and you can continue your gameplay!


Please contact us if you were not operating the game when your app shuts down. 
If the app shuts down after gameplay (after operating the movement buttons), it will not be covered by our warranty.