About SP and Play Ticket

GiGO ONLINE CRANE gameplay has the option to use in-game currency "SP" and "Play Tickets".

  • SP : Available as a charge purchase or login bonus.
  • Play Tickets : Available with login bonuses, etc.

If you select a free gift, the following play screen will appear.

1:SP required for 1 PLAY
2:Play ticket required for 1 PLAY
3:SP currently owned
4:Play tickets currently owned
5:Switch to switch between using SP or ticket
Play tickets have an expiration date.For details, tap the " ? " mark to check.

If you PLAY START in this state, SP will be consumed.

If you PLAY START in this state, the ticket will be consumed.


  • There may be prizes for which play tickets cannot be used.
  • The service may be changed without notice. Please understand in advance.
  • Play tickets will be consumed starting from the one with the closest expiration date.
  • If the service is not properly completed and compensation is required, we will respond with the item consumed.
    - We cannot cover games that consume "SP" with "Play Ticket" or vice versa.
  • Free SP granted for campaigns, etc. will expire at 24:00 on the 90th day after the day the free SP is granted, starting from the day the free SP is granted. SP will expire after the said expiration date.
  • Paid SP purchased by users do not expire.