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I can’t verify my phone number via text message.


Customers who cannot receive text messages, please use the phone call verification method.

If you do not receive a text message:

You may be using a smartphone that cannot receive text messages.

You may have made a mistake in your phone number and the text message was sent to the wrong number.

The text messaging center is overloaded and the text message has not been sent yet.

You sent multiple phone verification requests in a short amount of time.

You used a phone number that has already been verified.

Your carrier has rejected the text message.

Your carrier has rejected text messages from an international number.

If the text message is received but verification isn’t working:

You are using the verification code outside of the period of validity.

You entered the verification code incorrectly.

Please check the above. After some time has passed, please attempt text message verification once again.

If you checked and corrected the settings above but still don’t receive a text message, please make inquiries with your own carrier and check your phone contract.

We will look into the problem and do our best so you can use our service.

If text message verification doesn’t work, we can verify your phone number through a phone call.

In order to prevent fraud or unfair practices, once a phone number is verified, it cannot be used again.

If you change your phone number, please contact us through the inquiry form.

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