GiGO ONLINE CRANE is an online crane game service.

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Here's how to play and enjoy GiGO ONLINE CRANE!

Frequently Asked Questions


I don't know how to choose the type of prize that I want.


There are prizes that are divided into multiple assortments that can be selected and won in different ways.
Our service offers the following two patterns depending on the prize.

● When selecting a type from the prize list:

The names of the assorted prizes are displayed in the prize list.

Please play after selecting the type of assortment you desire.

* If you select a prize from the prize list, you will win the prize you selected from the list regardless of the type of prize that was dropped when you win the game.

● When selecting a prize in the booth:

In this case, the assortment types are not listed in the prize list.

The assorted prizes are displayed on the poster in the booth that indicates the prizes that can be won when dropped.

* If a prize of your choice is not on display, please contact us and request a change. Please resume playing once our staff has exchanged the prizes.

Please pay close attention to the information posters in the booth when playing.

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